Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission

Tue Mar 7th 2017 to Fri Mar 17th 2017 at 13:00 until 16:00
Nigeria, plot 210 Tafawa Balewa way,central district,garki, Abuja

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#OCCUPYRMAFC is Loading...Nigerians are FED-UP

INTRODUCTION: Saudi Arabia with over $600billion in external foreign reserves recently cut the salaries and allowances of politicians and senior government workers by between 20-30%; The United Arab Emirates with hundreds of billions of dollars in sovereign wealth funds have taken similar actions, we can also look at Russia, the Gulf Arab state of Qatar to see that the slowdown in the global economy is felt by politicians across the world except in Nigeria.

The Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) who is saddled with the responsibility of reviewing the salaries and allowances of politicians in Nigeria has been docile or just indifferent to the Nigeria reality. We are also of the opinion that corruption which has become the bane of Nigeria’s growth and development is not allowing RMAFC to do what it is constitutionally enjoined to do. If it is not capable of doing the needful, then let its management by all means resign with immediate effect.

THE FACTS: Since 2014, the price of crude oil which is the key component of the Nigerian economy has collapsed by about 70%. The revenue accruing to Nigeria from crude oil is down by about 70%. The value of the USD$ in which the crude oil is priced is up by more than 90%. The purchasing power of the average Nigerian has virtually collapsed due to the import dependency of the Nigerian economy and the collapse of the Nigerian Naira. What other parameter or metrics is the RMAFC searching for to ginger it to act on this very humane review? What is the rationale for keeping the Salaries and Allowances of political office holders at very astronomical levels and thereby making it very insensitive to the plight of the suffering Nigerian people? If it is not Corruption, Fear of the Looting Politicians or outright wickedness, what can RMAFC say is the reason for not reviewing the salaries and allowances downward urgently and within hours?

OUR DEMAND: Our people have decided that we the citizens must drive the narrative to reclaim our country and we want an urgent immediate downward review of all salaries and allowances of politicians and especially political office holders. Our demand is the cut of these salaries and allowances by 70% as is reflected in the drop in the price of crude oil; the drop in the purchasing power of Nigerians, the collapse in the value of the Nigeria Naira and the recession/slowdown in our economy. We are willing to initiate a process of mass popular resistance against corruption, political criminality and sustained indifference. Your office has not given Nigerians any reason to spare your agency from being #OCCUPIED until there is a significant downward review of salaries and allowance for politicians. We are asking that you #CUTSALARIES&ALLOWANCESBY70%NOW.

The recent Budget Fraud, Insertion and systemic looting allegations in our budget 2016 at the National Assembly has made it clear that over-bloated salaries and allowances must be reduced immediately; we must make political offices less attractive for good governance to take hold. There is the need for RMAFC to immediately proceed to drastically cut all forms of benefits for politicians. There are no excuses or explanations that should suffice in this particular issue. The cut must be minimum of 70% and We are ready to enforce compliance by every means necessary and within the confines of the Law.


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