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Welcome to Mydestinaton Nigeria's Trips and Tours page. Here you can find out

- The types of trips you can go on.

- Some important things to note before going on a trip with us.

- How to prepare for a trip/tour.

- Some trips we've been on.

- Trips we plan to go on.

- How to join our trips and more.

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Going On Your First Trip

If you were asked to describe a lazy day what would you do all day (apart from cuddling with a book, going to the movies and staying home to engage in some drinking). There is nothing new under the sun we agree, but you can recreate experiences and activities and that is limited only by boundaries of your mind. If you ever tried looking at your daily commute from home to work the way a first time visitor will see it, what new thing would you see?

Maybe a way to help you get this frame of mind is to backtrack to the first time at a new place you went to. Apart from the obvious things that come to mind like comfort, power, security, FOOD, you might have kept an eye out for spots you wanted to check out later because they looked like they will offer something interesting.

Going on a trip is actually a lot cheaper and easier than you think. It just requires you to set what time you want to go on the trip, look for available trips happening at that time and book immediately.


On My Guide Nigeria, we have over 500 places you can visit in Nigeria. This can look like an impossible Mungo Park mission but you can easily cover the bulk of this over a span of 5 years. The Centenary challenge is also there for you to face. It's a list of the top 100 places to visit in Nigeria. You can easily say you have traveled every where in Nigeria after completing this list. 

So what exactly does a trip take. Trips can differ in how many days they take i.e. 1 day trip to Abeokuta, 2 weeks trip at the Jos Resort, A weekend at Obudu Mountain Resort. There are similarities when planning for each like what to take, knowing your itinery letter to letter, medical kit.



1 - day Trip

A 1 day trip offers you the experience of seeing the Nigeria that has been preserved or is worthy of note in terms of culture, business areas, history and evolution of Nigeria. You get to know where to shop, which areas to explore, and where to find the night life among other local attractions. The 1 day trp is also beneficial when you have little time to stay or are just passing through. 

The one glitch about the 1 day trip is that you don't spend enough time in one destination as you have several places to cover in one day. You will lkely have about 4 - 5 places to reach on a 1 day trip, with a stop to take a break, eat something, share experiences and thoughts with other trip members. A 1 - day trip will take off by 7 a.m., and have you back by 8 - 9 p.m. Planning and packing for a 1- day trip is easy. You will have to show interest to go on the trip to the trip organizer, collect the necessary info and guidelines for payment and planning. You will get a guide on how to dress, what you can bring, and tips like where you cannot take pictures, what to watch out for in each location.

A 1 - day trip can take you across Lagos i.e Ikeja in the morning through notable neighborhoods of Ketu, Ogudu, Oworoshoki, across the 3rd Mainland bridge, Longest Bridge this side of Africa into Lagos Island, where the true spirit of Eko, lives. You are now where most of the locals call 'Island'. (Depending on who you ask, the 'Island' extends as far as Epe, Ijebu Ode which is another way to get to the neighbouring state of Ogun, home of Warriors of the Old Yoruba Kingdom).


Weekend Trip

Here, the fun turns up a notch. It is because you are not pressed for time to start going back home, likely you are spending the first night outdoors at a camp fire enjoying the night sky, or a dance hall. On a Weekend trip, you can spend time at each location you come across and explore before moving on to the next. You might decide to eat, play a game with the locals or have a beer while watching a football match. This trip is very beneficial if you plan on really exploring Nigeria or really want to have a fun time away from work or you have a short holiday and looking to indulge in some 'not everyday' activities. Depending on the context of your reason, the Weekend trip offers you a comfortable length of time to relax, gather your thoughts or just unwind. 

We cannot find glitches for the Weekend trip. Planning for the Weekend trip goes very much like the 1-day trip, show interest to the trip organizer, book early because space might be limited. You will get an itinery of places and activities planned for the weekend so you can start making your own plans for how you will apply yourself if you will partake in any of them.

Accommodation will have been verified and trusted by the trip organizer. Feeding for the Weekend will be arranged as well and you should always let the trip organizer be aware of any special meal diets.

A Weekend trip can take you on a journey through the South West of Nigeria where you visit towns like Ogun, Osun, Oyo, Ilorin to see places where notable events, wars, and evolution of the Yorubas in Nigeria. A Weekend trip can also be 3 days at Obudu Resort in Cross River. Some of the activities there include the cable lines, mountain view and neighbouring water slides. If you prefer something closer to Lagos, a Weekend trip can take you as far as Epe where there are numerous Resorts. A group Weekend trip can be 3 days at a hotel while you attend various events or activities happening around town. The Trip Organizer will always let you know well ahead of time what type of weekend trip might be coming up


1 - 2 Weeks Trip

This is a special way to bond with family or work members on a retreat. It has most of the features of a Weekend Trip, difference being that logistics plan go further to cover more days, more acrivities and more to experience. Accommodation and feeding are arranged and included in the cost. As in above, interest should be shown tonthe trip organizer, special feding diets should be made known.

Tip: Pack enough items like batteries, underwear, and other items as price might be inflated at locations.

A week Trip can be an extended stay at Obudu Cattle Ranch, a week stay at a Resort, a week exploring mission of 4 - 5 States.



Some important things to note

1. Always arrive early. It is very important. It sets the tone for the day. Everyone has been looking forward to the trip and anticipation is high. Arriving late dampens the spirit of people waiting for you. As a rule, the trip organizer will wait 30 minutes after said take off time and leave. Half of the cost will be repaid to any trip goer who misses the bus.

2. If you will cancel for a trip, do so latest 48 hours to the trip. Cancelling later than 48 hours will result in only half of the cost refund while cancelling 24 hours to the trip will mean no refund.

Please ask as many questions to clarify on the cancellation policy.

3. Please collect and have your tag on you at all times.

4. While we understand the allure of sneaking off during a trip / tour, we will like to let you know this is at your own peril. Let a trip guide know you wish to leave the group and for what reasons, it's easier to find you this way.

5. If you are not sure about anything, please ASK.


- Pack a scarf.

- Charge batteries before trip. Get new ones if necessary. Back up photos from your camera. Format if necessary. Take extra memory if necessary too.

- Pack ear plugs.

- Prepare a music playlist. You will be shocked how much difference it makes.

- Take enough cash as you might see sourvenirs, gifts, crafts and other things to buy on the way.