What's on in Nigeria

Events in Lagos Nigeria

Nigeria has a wide range of things to do and events happening across the country from live music concerts to theatre to the many cultural festivals like Eyo festival in Lagos or the Agungi fishing festival, to street carnivals in Calabar, parades, concerts, and many sporting events including boxing, football matches, basketball competitions, even motorbike racing.

Look through our events calendar to see what's happening in Lagos, Abuja, and many other parts of Nigeria. You can also book your tickets, and make direct enquiries for many of these events right here. Lagos and Abuja have very vibrant night life, so can also find all your Nightclub event dates here too.

We list events, corporate events, luxury parties, inaugurations and concerts every day so that you will always know what is going on today, tomorrow or even next month. There's no excuse to stay indoors when visiting Nigeria!