5 Top Landmarks not to miss in Enugu


The city has a number of landmarks that have lived through time

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Enugu is the state capital of Enugu State in the southeastern part of . Its capital is Enugu. Enugu State is a relativley new state, carved out from Anambra State in 1991.  The name ‘Enugu’ means ‘on top of the hill’, and the state is popularly associated with the slogan ‘the coal city state’. 

Enugu the state capital, is a historical town that dates as far back as the colonial era. The city has a number of landmarks (both natural and manmade) that have lived through time. 5 of such landmarks are listed below.

1. Udi Hills
UDI Hills
The Udi Hills refers to a chain of rounded hills found 240m above sea level in Enugu town, the state’s capital. The hills are divided by streams and rivers which feed the 2 main rivers in Nigeria; River Niger and River Benue. The first coal reserve in Enugu State, was found in 1909 in the Udi ridge which lies beneath the Udi hills and commercial mining started in 1915.
The old mines and camps for the miners are still located at the foot of the hills till date. Standing at the top of the hill gives a nice panoramic view of the entire state. Villages located at the top of the hills include Nkwe, Ezere, Awgunta and Newenta.
2. Opi Lake Complex
Opi Lake
The Opi Lake Complex consists of 8 natural lakes and is located in Opi, Nsukka. Each lake is home to crocodiles and it is a popular tourist attraction in the state. According to a study conducted, the soil around the farther away you are from the Opi Lake, the more fertile the soil.
3. Silicon Hill
Silicon Hill
The Silicon Hill is called thus because of the large deposit of silicon (a raw material required in producing glass) that can be found beneath the hill. The height of the hill above seas level is about 300m. The surrounding area consists of hills, valleys and plains all intricately placed in a manner that gives a magnificent view. It is situated close to the Nkalagu Campus of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT).


4. Miliken Hills 
Miliken Hills
The name, Miliken Hills is derived from the earliest colonial administrator in Enugu back when was still ruled by the British forces. The height of the hills above sea level is about 300m and at the foot of the hill is the first road that leads into the city of Enugu. Beneath the hills are tunnels, coal mines as well as the Iva valley. The Miliken Hills can be found at Ngwo, in Enugu North Local Government Area.
5. African Continental Bank (ACB) Tower
The ACB tower is a 6-storey building and at the tie it was built, it was the tallest building in the Central Business District in Enugu. It was constructed in the late 50s for African Continental Bank Limited, a financial institution established by Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe (Nigeria’s first president). The tower was inaugurated on 30th April, 1959.

Are you visiting the city of Enugu anytime soon? Seize this opportunity to truly appreciate the beauty of the city and also use these landmarks as reference points as you navigate through the city.