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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain - Bob Marley

All Sundays in May at Terra Kulture, Majmua Theater organised a play that had moral values & was very entertaining. The comedy, romance, (and lots of friendzoning) was a good way to spend a Sunday evening. The play was produced by Abiodun Kassim. He previously directed "A Husband's Wife", "Whose House Is It Anyway" and was the assistant director for "Waiting For A Lottery" at the British Council Lagos Theater Festival in 2014. 
Naomi Mac, from Nigerian idol in 2010 opened the evening with a song. The host Yemisi Miel Ayinde came out to officially start the evening by welcoming the audience and promising them of a good time. She introduced the play immediately and the stage went live.
On scene was "Femi", (played by Patrick Diabuah), he was joined by the hilarious character "Flex" (played by Eritosin Gregory) and finally "Tony" (played by Demi Olubanwo) (pictured below). The story is about these three friends who also happen to have music as a common ground to express themselves. Femi played a guitar, Flex drums & percussions, and Tony a keyboard. All these and they didn't think to call themselves a band "or even have a name" as "Uncle Shekere", (played by Toyin Oshinaike) made note of. (He went ahead to call them "The Misfits").
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Tony (left), Femi (middle), Flex (right)
The play revolves around these three friends and their new neighbor, "Ivie" (played by Adesua Etomi)(pictured below) who was going over a relationship break. Meeting the trio enabled her to take her mind of things (meet new people). Ivie tried talking the trio into going commercial. 
You know what usually happens when a girl is placed in the midst of three boys. Well, she soon started to affect them in different ways. Getting anxious Tony to talk, treating Flex when he was wounded to getting Femi to put his fears down and go commercial. 
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Femi wasn't having it. They had lost N150, 000 already trying to go commercial. He wasn't even giving it thought. The others felt the same too. Ivie got tired of asking. After a quarrel that almost tore the Band (pictured below), they all arranged for a GIG.
First they had to wait for Uncle Shekere who was away. When he came, he complained that the food wasn't cooked by a woman and asked why Ivie didn't cook the food. At this, the Band confirmed to him that she had changed and gone sullen, and they were ignorant of the course but sure it wasn't a boy involved. 
Uncle Shekere begged a minute with her, and it was in this scene Ivie let known that she had been hit by her man "Ralph" (played by Toju Ejoh). Uncle Shekere advises her to speak up as he himself has been in such a situation. Ivie is later visited by her husband who admitted to feeling frustrated when he lashed out at her. 
The play ends happily when Uncle Shekere (last picture below) comes to announce the band and they come on stage. 
The name of the band is Band Aid, this was gotten when Flex first suggested "Bandages" to which Ivie changed to "Band Aid"; fixing souls one song at a time. 
The play came to an end, the casts took a bow and Yemisi the host thanked the crew members specially. The play attracted lots of people. Hon Abike Dabiri Erewa could be seen in the front row having a good time.
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The Band quarelling
Band Aid is produced by Zaynab Ikaz Kassim. The production company, Majmua Theater, is working on something new and there is word that Band Aid will be made into a movie!!
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Uncle Shekere introducing the Band