10 Must Have Items for any Business Trip to Nigeria


Trying to decipher what to pack for your business trip to can seem a very daunting task for the first time traveller to the region. Even the regular business travellers do encounter difficulty when it comes to making a list of important things to carry and bring along. If you happen to be caught up in this, then have no fear. Below is our list of 10 important items to carry along with you for your next business trip to Nigeria:

1. Laptop

A laptop is a very important item to carry along for any business trip, and Nigeria is no exception. In Nigeria, one has to consider that the computers at the business centre in your hotel/accommodation in might not have the software or efficiency you require. So you will find you are actually be better off when you carry along your own personal computer or a wide-screen tablet to help you keep tabs on your daily assignments. 

2. Plug Adapter

As a rule of thumb instead of relying on your hotel/accommodation in Nigeria to provide a plug adapter for you, it’s better you bring yours along with you for any business trip. Your plug adapter can come in handy at any time during your trip, such as charging your laptop, mobile phones, and other electronic devices that require charging.  In , we use the UK style 3 pin 220v plugs. While you at it, you might want to also consider 4 - way extension which can allow you plug in and charge multiple items from one plug adapter.

3. Portable WiFi

Not all hotels/ accommodation in Nigeria provide free internet services to their guests. In the cases where they do the paid internet services available in the hotel can end up being quite expensive. Then there's the fact we tend to these days want to access the web from just about anywhere we find ourselves. So as such, it is important you carry your portable WiFi along with you, to keep you connected to the internet at all times so that you do not miss out on those important emails. Where possible we would suggest you ask your hosts to secure you a local data SIM.

4. A USB Memory Stick

In todays world a USB memory stick is just as important as a laptop. Always ensure you take one along with you when going for a business trip. It is handy to copy or transfer presentation files to other people while networking. However more importantly is acts as a backup location where you can store and easily retrieve documents when you don't have access to your laptop.

5. The Right Clothes

When preparing for your business trip to , always ensure you research the prevailing weather conditions. Nigeria has 2 main seasons a wet and dry season, both of which can be experienced to different degrees depending on which region of the country you are in. As a rule of thumb however expect it to be hot and humid in other words "sticky", as such and to enable you to pack the right type of clothing you will need throughout your stay, we suggest you stick to cottons, and breathable fabrics. Try and ensure you take along also the following; some sunglasses, sun block, and handkerchiefs.

6. A Camera / Smart Phone

Remember your visiting an interesting country, so a camera will come in handy for those moments you are away from your hotel accommodation and getting a view of the city. If you can’t get your hands on a good camera, then take a smart phone with a high-resolution camera along with you. This will help you capture those all important selfies or landscape shots. 

7. Power Bank

It has to be said that power in could be better, you really cannot count on our electricity supply. You will certainly find yourself at some stage during your trip in a situation and when away from your hotel with limited charge in your phone. Having a portable power bank to boost the charge in your phone is a life saver. Remember having a working phone is always important when your away from home. We all know how quicky smart phones loose their charge and run down.

8. Recreation Materials

Business in Nigeria can sometimes run at a snails pace, with quite of bit of waiting around. So be prepared for those dull moments make sure you carry a novel, or your head phones and some suitable music to listen to during those periods of lull 

9. Security documents

Losing your travel documents or important bits of documentation while on a business trip is not pleasant. Neither is being stranded and trying to identify yourself. To ensure you plan against this, ensure to carry copies in electronic form, and hard copy of important documents, these might include passport, drivers licence, and certificates for example. It might be  a good idea to have electronic copies online on services like dropbox, googledrive, or onedrive. Also, it is a good idea to have some spear passport sized photos available should you need them. In Nigeria replacing documents can be a slow and draining process so having copies of relevant documents can speed everything up making it less painful.

10. Medication

Remember to carry all your medication with you. You can also take along with you some over the counter medication for diarrhoea, constipation, headaches etc. Any anti mosquito and insect sprays might be handy too. The last thing you want to do is to be visiting the chemists or pharmacies while in Nigeria.

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