I Just Got Married And This Is My Story (Part Two)

Arts & Culture

By Sandra Enaholo

I was overwhelmed by the number of hotels in Lagos. Every hotel I checked seemed to be lacking something until I checked the next one. In all this, I had written down the criteria for selecting my dream hotel. I wanted a 4-star luxury hotel with fully air-conditioned and spacious rooms, a jacuzzi,  TV with satellite reception, swimming pool, a beautiful hallway for pictures, a bar for the guys to hang out, full-length mirrors for my girls to take selfies (winks, we are vain like that), free Wi-Fi internet, just to mention a few.
“You know your guests will be too tired to use all of these”. Tobi, my wedding planner said during one of our many sessions together. “They are only lodging for two nights”, she further added. “I just want my guests to have the best time of their lives during those two days. I want it to be like a perfect getaway from all the hustling and bustling activities of Lagos. Is it too much to ask?” I lamented.
Still, my search for the perfect hotel went on. I was bent on selecting a hotel that had everything on my checklist, and this was quite difficult to find. And the D-day was fast approaching.
One of my last days at work before the D-day, Meg, the VP of the company where I work, approached me to ask if I needed any assistance. ‘I can’t seem to find my dream hotel’, I cried out in frustration. ‘That’s quite funny’, she said. ‘You must be checking the wrong places’, she further added. 
Once again, I went through the ritual of listing the important things I wanted my dream hotel to have. Which was what I had been telling anyone that cared over the past days. “Your description fits Ibis Hotel Ikeja, Meg exclaimed. “You can also check out Apartment Royale in Opebi. My friend lodged there during her honeymoon and she enjoyed her stay” she added.
After much comparison and deliberations, Le Boo and I eventually settled for both hotels.  One for family and friends and the other for the bridal crew. And we got a whopping 50% discount on our hotel reservations. I later learnt from Meg that the company offers amazing discounts to guests from time to time. You can be on the lookout, so you don’t miss out on this type of ‘awoof’.
To say I was happy with the choice we made will be an understatement. I was over the moon. And thanks to Meg, we were able to save 50% of our intended budget on hotel reservations. Awesome, right?

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