Top 5 Wedding DJs in Lagos

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Weddings in Nigeria are a big deal, and especially in Lagos the major commercial hub of the country.

With being the largest populated capital in and West Africa, you can only begin to imagine the number of weddings which take place each week in Lagos.
To cater to the number of weddings taking place each week are a large and varied group of djs that specialise in providing the best wedding dj experience to the bride, groom and guests. It has to be understood that djaying at a party or club, is very different to officiating a wedding reception and after party. It would also be impossible to list each and every wedding dj in Lagos, so we decided to list  the vry best of those we have found to specialise in weddings, and wedding reception parties. Hopefully this will make it eaiser to guage and short list the best dj for your wedding.
Listed  below are 5 of the top / best wedding djs in Lagos in no particular order. These djs have been listed because of thier professional approach to the art of djyaing at weddings, and their dedication to customer satisfaction, in what can only be described as one of the most difficult terrains in which to do business in Lagos.


1. Dj Skillz


Dj Skillz
courtesy of instagram
Dj Skillz is the first dj on our list of top 5 wedding djs, he's featured on several wedding vendor websites, and has a track record of delivering a great service, and he's also a great guy!  
Skillz is also a very skilled dj whose song selection is right on point, and guranteed to keep you and your guest on the dance floor.  
Contact details
Phone: 08059611797, 08059611797, 08080321198
Instagram: @iamdjskillz
Twitter: @iamdjskillz

2. DeejayPoppaey


Dj Poppaey
courtesy of instagram
DeejayPoppaey is the second dj on our list of top 5 wedding djs in Lagos, he too is an exceptional  Nigerian wedding dj who is very verstile and in high demand. One of those djs who isnt travel shy and very happy to dj in most locations around the country. Poppaey takes pride in his service, providing some of the very best in wedding entertainment. 
Contact details
Phone: 08107593664
Instagram: @deejaypoppaey
Twitter: @DeEjAyPoPpAeY
Facebook: @faramola.deejaypoppaey


3. Dj Weymo Soundsystem

Dj Weymo
courtesy of instagram
Dj Weymo Soundsystem is the third on our list of the top 5 wedding djs in Lagos. Dj Weymo  sound system i.e. the team or group of djs, is headed by djWeymo as such differs from the other djs listed in this article in that respect. However in terms of delivering a top notch service to couples looking for a wedding dj there is probably none better outfit.
Dj Weymo own their PA system, which they bring to each event ensuring the quality of sound is perfect, as such they never borrow or hire equipment when engaged on a job. They make a lot of effort in terms of presentation their booth and dj stand is always unique. Using dj lights and effects they enhance the ambience of each event they play at, complimenting the venue, and colour theme that the decorators have designed for the day.
DJ Weymo are djs pushing the standards within the art of djaying to new heights in Lagos, and all at a very pocket friendly price.
Contact details
Phone: 08035572670
Instagram: @djweymo
Twitter: @djweymo
Facebook: @djweymo

4. Dj Obi


Dj obi
courtesy of instagram
Dj Obi is the fourth dj on our list of top 5 wedding djs, he is a maestro in the wedding dj arena, one could argue that he owns that space. Also known as the number 1 celebrity dj, Obi is a very busy man and doesnt just do weddings, he is also a promoter and official dj for SYNDIK8 records. Obi is a great traveller playing at wedding across the globe, as very sort after dj known for playing hit song after hit not stop at a time.
Contact details
Instagram: @djobiajent
Twitter: @djobiajent

5. Dj Baggio


Dj Baggio
courtesy of instagram
Dj Baggio is the fifth and last dj on our list of top 5 wedding djs in Lagos. Baggio no stranger to the demands of the wedding dj scene in . He is a great dj with many years of experience under his belt to show for it. Baggio apart from being a great wedding dj is also the offical dj from Remy Martin, and can be found at each of there events spinning the hottest jams. 
Contact details
Instagram: @deejaybaggio
Twitter: @deejaybaggio


So there you have it our top 5 recomendation if your looking for a wedding dj in Lagos, or anywhere else in Nigeria for that matter.  They have each received great reviews and customer feedbacks onlne,  so we are very confident we have gotten some of the best of the pack.  These are not to be considered as some of the cheap djs in Lagos, however many of them are reasonably priced in todays market.

Please remember to mention My Destnation Nigeria if you decide to contact any of the djs listed here in your search for a wedding dj in Lagos.


Dj Weymo