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Venicini has everything you need to leave you feeling refreshed, calm and utterly gorgeous

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This is a spa that needs little introduction. Venivici Spa beat off tough competition to scoop the award for Most Outstanding Spa of the Year Award at last year’s City People Fashion and Style Awards. 

Located on Victoria Island, Venivici has been helping customers find wellness since 1999. This well-established spa places a strong emphasis on preventative health, just as much as beauty enhancement. The well trained staff will look after your wellbeing, inside and out, and are happy to customise treatments to suit your needs.

So, whether you’re looking for traditional beauty treatments, state-of-the-art anti-ageing technology, or even life-coaching, Venicini has everything you need to guarantee you’ll leave feeling refreshed, calm and utterly gorgeous.

Unwind and rejuvinate, at Venivici


All Venivici's therapies are natural, non-invasive, non-chemical and non-allergenic, and are available for men and women.

As well as the usual array of beauty treatments, such as body brushing, exfoliatiion, mud wraps and facials, the spa also offers a range of attractive, great value packages, so customers can enjoy several treatments in one day. Try the Executive Relaxation Day package, and enjoy aroma de-stress therapy, a facial, hand or foot treatment and a sea-salt scrub. Bliss! 


The practice of Aromatherapy has certainly stood the test of time. It began with the Egyptians, who used infusion to extract plant oils, which they then used in medicines and cosmetics. For centuries aromatherapy has been the backbone of India’s traditional medicine system, where many medical treatments, as well as aromatic massage, have dried and fresh herbs at their core.

What all this goes to show is that for centuries, across the world natural oils have been recognised for their abilities to treat our physical bodies, as well as enhancing our state of mind.

If you’re an aromatherapy newbie, Venivici’s staff will be more than happy to talk you through the treatment, and will help pick out the right aromatic scent to suit your needs.

Venivici draw a lot of their inspiration from nature, and in their Aromatherapy treatments, they are proud to use on the finest herb , fruit and plant extracts.

A course of ten sessions is available at a discounted rate.

Armomatherapy Massage

Venivici’s therapists will use a combination of plant  oils chosen especially for your needs.

Among the most popular aromatherapy blends as Energising, Tranquillity and Muscle Relief. Also look out for the spa’s signature scent, called Plateau, designed for balance, uplift and calm.

When you book a course of ten massages, you’ll get one free.

An aromatherapy massage is sure to hit the spot

Colon Hydrotherapy

This isn’t as new-age as it sounds! In  fact, cleansing the colon by hydrotherapy is an ancient concept. For centuries, people have been using forms of colonic irrigation to boost their health and tackle toxicity in the body.

The procedure itself isn’t as uncomfortable as you might expect, and the benefits you can experience are more than worth it. When large amounts of toxic matter are removed from the colon, patients have experienced a reduction is symptoms such as chronic fatigue, arthritis, migrane, allergies, acne, asthma and even bad breath. And even if you don’t have a particular ailment that’s concerning you, after colon hydrotherapy  clients generally report feeling cleaner, healthier and with a boosted sense of well being.

Biological Age Testing

The changes we see in our bodies as we get older, as well as declining fitness levels, heart attacks and strokes, are all partly caused by our cardiovascular system, which becomes less efficient with time. Our blood transports oxygen and nutrients to our skin and muscles as it flows round the body, so when the blood is able to do this more efficiently, the result is often a boost in stamina and fitness. Looking after your cardiovascular system also lowers the risk of strokes and heart attacks, and leaves you feeling younger, fitter and healthier.

Venivici Spa uses patented technology from one of the world’s leading medical manufacturers to carry out a quick and painless test, which will reveal your biological age. If you’re not happy with the result, you can embark on an exercise and natural supplements programme and make healthy changes in your lifestyle, before returning to the Spa to see if you’re biological age has lowered. Seeing the numbers change will really boost your motivation!

You won’t find this revolutionary treatment in many other spas, and Venivici’s therapists claim their age testing programme has helped patients boost their fitness and stamina, improve their cardio performance, lose weight and reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes. They say the treatment has even given patients better libidos and wrinkle-free skin! So what are you waiting for?

One of Venivici

Coporate Wellness Coaching

Arinola Adeniyi the Director of Venivici is also a trained Wellness Coach so the spa team are in the best possible position to help organisations improve staff morale and productivity and lower their medical bills.

Peppermint Sea Twist

As well as offering a relaxing experience, this aromatic seaweed treatment will help shape the contours of your body. You might even lose a few pounds from your waistline too! The natural seaweed used in this treatment has the effect detoxifying, rejuvenating, hydrating, and purifying the skin. It improves circulation too, making this treatment a must for anyone looking  to reduce their cellulite, soothe their aching muscles, or ease water retention.


Venivici really does has a treatment for everyone. So wherever you ache, or however you want to feel more beautiful, Venivici’s therapists are waiting to take care of you.

Venivici literally translates as ‘I came and I conquered’, which is fitting, because whatever treatment you go for, you’ll walk out the door feeling you could conquer anything.


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