Adventure, Archery, Quad Biking at Omu Resort

Omu Resort is located in Ibeju Lekki, Lagos. The resort is a 45 minute drive from the first Lekki toll gate after the Lagos Oriental Hotel. The resort is about 22 hectares large and currently uses about 4 hectares for a go kart raceway, a mini golf course, a zoo, a sea-world, merry go rides, event venue & wax museum for starters. The management plans to add accommodation  to the resort in the nearest future.
Omu Resort is an ideal place for entertainment, activity, & adventure. The Resort gets it's patronage from schools (all levels), families, companies coming for retreats, departments within companies, tourists, couples & individual adventurers.
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Omu Resort is known (and possibly feared) amongst the locals of Ibeju Lekki due to the presence of a live male lion housed in its zoo. 
The resort is known around Lagos as one of the other place where you can Go-Kart, then go quad biking after (or vice versa). What makes this resort a favorite is the fact you pay a one off fee to get access to most (N3000) or all (N5000) the facilities available on the resort.
In other words, paying N3, 000 gets you access to the resort to see the zoo, go on any of the merry rides, play at the bouncing castle, visit the wax museum, see the species of fish at the seaworld, play archery & darts as well as play volleyball.
Paying N5, 000 instead gives you access to all of the above plus the added fun benefit of going on the Go Kart, Quad biking & playing mini golf. (The resort allows you pay N18, 000 for 5 people instead of N25, 000)


Getting to the Resort. From the Lekki toll gate, the resort is a straight drive pass the Lekki PeninsulaChevron roundaboutVictoria Garden CityAjah roundabout, Lakowe town into Bodije town. There is a sign to your left that says OMU RESORT. A 'U' turn is available shortly after the spot where this sign is & here you can turn, then take a right into the road leading to the resort.
A flag flapping in the wind will announce you of your destination. You have arrived. A good practise is to let the resort know you are coming so they make preparations for your arrival & if it arises, make special preparations to receive you.
When you enter the reception, you will see two 'empty' cases to your right. While you might think they are empty, please look again & see the first of the many wonders you will witness at the resort. A royal python lives in one & a python in the other. You will see written editorials on the left hanging on the wall. You will meet with the receptionist who will confirm your booking with smiles while you take a seat (or offload the car for a full day of activities).
From here, your resort guide will meet you, get introduced & the fun starts.
Some of the things to do at Omu Resort
Zoo: The Zoo at Omu Resort is exciting & wonderful. The first point of call will be the geese shed. They will be actually calling you instead. Bring some treat for them but first ask the zoo guide if it's okay to feed them. The zoo guide will take you through each animal shed. You will see the camel(it isn't an adult yet), porcupine (the spines look scary), the monkeys are fun to play with, the hyena looks bored but is actually enjoying the attention from you, the jackals are playful when they decide to be, the ostrichs look like they couldn't be bothered with all your stares (till they flap their wings & trot like they are about to take off), great birds they are. 
The lion is usually the last point of call for most people. There in it's cage, it roams round & round. If you are lucky, or maybe if you requested, you will get to see the lion feed on a goat. It's usually all over in a matter of minutes but the small chase that happens is fascinating to watch. Add the lion flicking it's neck to the 'crack' sound of the goat you will loudly hear & you will begin to feel a new respect for this King of the Jungle. (We named the lion Simba).
Go Kart: The Go Kart race way is a good place to challenge each other to the best driver. The go kart instructor will help you enter, show you your pedals & start the engine for you. The Go Kart experience is easy to enter if you calm down & just follow the simple instructions given to you by the instructor. Hold your left leg on the brake to keep the Go Kart grounded, release it gently to start moving, add some acceleration by lightly pressing on the acceleration pedal, off you go!!!
Quad Biking: The Quad biking field is big! Really it is! Ride over sand dunes & pump up your adrenaline on these bikes in a race, catch game or rescue the damsel in distress. A quad bike is a four wheeled vehicle use don sand dunes & at beaches. 


I and Ayo in a Go Kart competition at the resort
Amusement Park: The amusement park has an archery unit, bouncing castle, volleyball court. You have to try the arrows. They are all 'swag' & 'heroic'...Well, till you shoot off point. Don't be discouraged, just nuke another arrow, pull, aim, miss again. (laughs at you). Please don't point the arrows at anyone in a joking manner. The bouncing castle is ideal for kids, mostly adults prefer to remain on the volleyball court.
There are also merry rides to go on, the chair swing is a favorite. The rides are good for adults & kids.
Mini Golf Course: Get your Tiger Woods on, play some golf, feel fresh & matured. Listen to the golf guide, he will teach you the best technique to swing & hit your ball. Challenge one another over the many courses available at the course.
Wax Museum: The wax museum has 3 wax sculptures. They are of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Present Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola & Late President Musa Yar'adua. You should take pictures with the wax images. They are life like. Inside the Wax Museum is the dart session. Darts are lovely till you miss the board totally. (This happened to a friend of mine... not me). Behind the dart session is a paintball shed. Here you throw 3 balls into barrels placed in the ground. If you get all three, you get a winning gift. Easy right? 


Ayo displaying some quad bike skills
The seaworld is next & runs around the back of the Wax Museum. In it, you will see species of fishes. It's a good find & you will feel good about what you will learn about each fish. 
The Wax Museum houses the restaurant & bar where you can have refreshments. As at the time of writing this, you should ask the resort to prepare for refreshments if you want to. You have the option of bringing in your own refreshments.
Omu Resort is opened every day, there is an event venue for guests. How does getting married with a lion in the background sound like. The resort can be used to celebrate a birthday, a party, company picnic/retreat, shooting a movie. 
In conclusion, you can see that a day at Omu Resort has so much for you. We advise you to spend a weekend here to squeeze the main fun juice out of the place. The resort has packages that will suit your budget. You can even get a discount if you have a huge crowd turn up.
The resort is safe, affordable & lots of fun. The activities will energise you, tire you & re-energise you bringing out your true fun side.
Omu Resort can be contacted via their numbers: +234 814 281 2406+234 703 584 7296,, website:, as well as on their page on
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